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ECO II sunglasses. Exclusive and limited edition.


After the first edition of the sunglasses in wheat straw, we introduce a new generation to the collection: WAYLIFE ECO II.

Available in 8 different polarized lens colors: brown, dark green, red mirror, blue mirror, green mirror, silver mirror, gold mirror and dark grey.


The lenses are polarized, preventing sunlight from reflecting off flat surfaces and affecting your vision, allowing for sharper images.



Eco friendly


You have always seen things differently. In a unique way. In your own way.

Fashion / Biodegradable / Cool!

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ECO II sunglasses


Produced with biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials (wheat straw) and biodegradable polymers (polypropylene). The lenses are polarized to guarantee effective visual protection.



WAYLIFE Eco Edition production method:


We use a machine to crush the wheat straw, transforming it into dust. Then, the dry powder is mixed with specific proportions of polypropylene (biodegradable) and then placed in trendy templates designed by our design department.





ECO frame (wheat straw and polypropylene) • Polarized UV 400 cat 3 lenses • Felt bag


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