About us


Waylife is a Portuguese brand of Eyewear and Urbanwear for those who know what they want. Our mission is to provide high quality fashion products and accessories, combining design and creativity for everyone’s style.

We’ve had collaborations with national and international celebrities, namely actors, models, musicians and even sports clubs. These include Itziar Ituño (Money Heist), Os Anjos (Portuguese musicians), Danilo (Football player) and many more. Special editions were created for football clubs, namely SLBenfica, FCPorto and the Portuguese Football Federation. Eco-friendly sunglass editions have also been designed and produced with biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. These more sustainable materials have caught the attention and make part of a special “Os Anjos” edition. We aim at making our planet a better place, so we have also included an eco-friendly collection of optical eco-acetate frames that reflect the innovation, boldness and creativity of the brand. All our collections are produced in light materials with sophisticated design.

Waylife aims to be your perspective, YOUR WAY OF LIFE. Our motto is that you see things differently. In a unique way. In your own way. With Waylife.

Waylife. Your Way of Life. You have always seen things differently. You follow your vision. Not a path. You are what you do with your life. Not what life does to you. How you define yourself. Not as how they define you. You are an idea, a concept. A lifestyle. If you are not living your way, you are wasting your time. While others focus on novelty, you focus on the importance of a new perspective. Continue to see things differently. In a unique way. In your own way.