Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails is a project created by two Portuguese Graffiti Artists, Edis One and Pariz One, internationally known as 1x1 Crew.

The project’s theme is based on sports and gender equality.

Inspired by expressions such as “king sport” or “queen competition”, the king and queen of hearts of a deck of cards are illustrated side-by-side. Heads or Tails wants to give the same importance, the same power and the same values to both figures, regardless of the gender they represent, while promoting respect on and off the field.

This very large, sport’s field size piece of urban art can be found in Lisbon, Portugal.

The artists are now conveying their message through our WAYLIFE sunglasses. One by one, each handpainted pair of sunglasses make up a unique piece of art.

Roll down this lane with us and make equality and respect rule the streets!

Heads or Tails

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